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Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Bay Bodywork & Chiropractic.

"I have been going to Dr. Kim for 8 years, and not going to lie I have tried other Chiropractors in between, and with all due respect, Dr. Kim is the best by far. He’s funny, down to earth, makes you feel very comfortable, and has you feeling like a million bucks. He shares knowledge on areas of your spine needing movement (something I knew nothing about) and speaks about daily tendencies to improve your long-term health, heck I stopped cracking my neck and knuckles daily because of him. Sheila, his assistant, is equally amazing, and attentive and makes scheduling appointments as simple as can be. Their office is very clean, I feel safe even throughout covid’s peak the last couple of years, and they even have some cool Waldo books for the kids :) I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Kim to anyone I know!"

Anh D.

"Dr. Kim and his staff are an amazing group of people. I have been a patient of Dr. Kim for almost a year and what a difference it has made to the quality of my life. The Office Manager, Sheila, is the ultimate professional. Always with a smile on her face, she makes sure that all the details with paperwork, insurance, and my appointments are taken care of. Dr. Kim is a great guy that provides you with information and teaches you about your spine and the necessary strategies to reduce pain when you leave the office. I enjoy my time here and am very happy that I found Bay Bodywork & Chiropractic.​​​​​​​"

Reggie S.

"I’ve been coming to Dr. Kim for over 4 years getting treatment for my back. The office staff is always very welcoming and treats you like you are a part of the family. The new office is clean and well organized. Enough seating for patients to come in a wait and relax. Massages there are great as well! I totally recommend Dr. Kim he’s the greatest!"

Anna M.

"I originally went to Dr. Kim to help with a five-year-old back injury I had. I was going to Mexico and wanted to do some more physically demanding things, but I would have been limited by my injury. He put me on an accelerated treatment that had me ready by the time I went to Mexico. After my treatment was complete, I felt like I had a new back. I was able to do everything I wanted in Mexico. That was over two years ago. I still continue to go back once or twice a month for my maintenance. I recommend him to anyone that is in pain. Dr. Kim and his team are the best."

Cody T.

"I have been going to Dr. Kim for a few years and really impressed with his services and staff. Had visited several other Chiropractors in an area over the years for numbness in my arms. Dr. Kim was the only one that has been able to address this problem. The new office is nice as well."

Kent K.

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