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Our Support Team

Our caring and professional support staff is here to assist your every need. From making the appointment to post-procedure counseling, you'll find their extensive knowledge and attention to detail makes your visit all the more worthwhile.

Chang Kong

Cheng Kong


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Sheila Mendez

Office Manager

​​​​​​​We consider Sheila Mendez to be the face and voice of Bay Bodywork & Chiropractic. Not only does she schedule all of our appointments, but she is also excellent at caring for our patients when needed.


Crystal Martinez (CMT)

I attended The National Holistic Institute San Jose location from January 2016 to January 2017. Receiving over 900 hours of education in eastern and western massage. I believe that by combining traditional and natural medicine we can fully care for the body.

My goal with clients is to help the body get back to neutral so that it can start the healing process. First to promote circulation and triggering the lymphatic system to help lessen information. Then reducing muscular tension and breaking down scar tissue. Finally to relieve pain and to restore mobility to that of pre-injury.


Mary Estonactoc (CMT)

I am a certified massage therapist with over 900 hours of training from National Holistic Institute and the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto. I am also a stretch and Reiki practitioner. I have been practicing massage since 2016. After 20+ years in corporate HR, I found myself at a crossroad. I became my mother’s caregiver and looked for less stress and more flexibility in my next job. The timing was right for me to change careers and so grateful that I found massage therapy. My desire and passion is to promote balance and harmony for the body, mind, and spirit through massage and bodywork. The human body is amazing and has the capacity to heal itself. Nurturing therapeutic massage and balance of energy flow can help facilitate this healing.

I always strive to deliver effective treatments that provide relaxation, pain relief, greater flexibility and range of motion. When the nervous system is relaxed, the muscles follow. The body begins to restore itself and we feel renewed and rejuvenated.

When I’m not practicing massage I love to tend to my garden of organic herbs and vegetables and spend time at the ocean. I also enjoy listening to my musician husband perform.


Sherice Hamlin

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